Grout Mold Removal

Grout mold removal is a service that is provided by the qualified grout mold removal professionals at Tri-State Floor Service. Repairing or cleaning of grout is a rather tiresome task that cannot be easily done by consumers in their homes, and is best left to qualified professionals.  Improper cleaning and removal of mold can create more damage, and mold can have many detrimental health effects on the body.

Grout mold removal should not be done by scraping, as this can damage the tile as well as the grout.  Scraping alone does not prevent the recurrence of mold formation, and you may find yourself with mold returning in the middle of damaged grout and tiles.

Mold can attack anytime and most often where there is moisture in your home. What you might not often think about is that mold can live in your grout with or without you knowing. The only way to ensure that mold is removed and you are living in a safe and healthy environment is to have our professional grout mold removal professionals assess the mold and find the proper way to remove it completely.

We offer complete services including intensive cleaning grout lines, grout repair, re-grouting, and grout sealing.  We also offer free in home estimates and affordable pricing.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate if you have any concerns or visible mold forming in your grout lines.