Marble Polishing

Tri-State Floor Service offers only highest level of marble polishing. We use the stone industry’s stated process for polishing marble to ensure the best results possible. This system will bring out the most pristine marble polished floor shine. Our marble services include removal of scratches, etching stains, lippage removal, restoration, and the crystallization process system. Our professionals are the finest craftsmen in the industry to perform marble polishing and we use only the best products on the market.¬† Don’t gamble on your expensive marble investment; use our services to guarantee that your surface is protected and taken care of properly.

Marble Polishing Philadelphia PA

For those on a tight budget, we offer our crystallization process. This system in done in 2 steps: (1)crystallization, (2)then followed by our micro fill system to seal and reduce slippage issues. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your marble polishing and commercial marble  polish needs and we will provide the right service to fit your budget and needs.