Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are warrantied for up to 30 years, but this only covers the wood itself; not the floors finish. To protect your hardwood floors and retain their finish, most floors should be re-coated every 5-7 years. Our service will save you time and money, and you will never have to sand down your hardwood floors. Tri-State Floor Service uses a dust-free refinishing system to prevent added mess. This allows us to be truly unique in our method of refinishing floors from our competitors. You can also rest assured that all of our coating products are safe for kids and family pets.

We do a combination of intense cleaning: First, we scrub your floor with heavy duty cleaner using our special hardwood floor machine – safe for all wood surfaces. Then we follow up with another neutral cleaning. For our best service level, the next step is to apply a coat of TYKOTE bonding system. Finally, we finish off with STREETSHOE finish. This system is dust-free and green friendly. This service is backed with a manufacturers 40years of proven service in the flooring industry: BASIC COATINGS floor finishes.

We only use the best professional grade coatings on the market today. Don’t get stuck with a big box of store products only to give you cheap wear protection. Our coatings are proven to last by using industry leading commercial grade finishes from basiccoatings.com

We have three levels of service options to choose from – one to fit everyone’s budget:

Option 1
Floor Cleaning

Aggressively scrub the flooring to remove all build up of dirt, grease, and dust contaminants.
This system can be used as part of a routine maintenance program

  • Clean and scrub floor with our professional wood floor cleaning machine using heavy duty floor cleaner
  • Repeat scrub with wood floor machine and neutral floor cleaner
  • Tack dry with microfiber pad and floor dryer.

Option 2
Clean – Refinish

This service provides an intense cleaning and quick refinishing system

  • Scrub floor with wood floor machine using a heavy duty floor cleaner
  • Followed by wood floor machine and neutral floor cleaner
  • Apply 2 coats of Hardwood Floor re-finisher in satin,semi-gloss, or gloss finish.

Option 3
Tykote Dustless Re-coating System

The re-coat system is our heavy duty floor coating which lasts up to 7 years.
Fast turn around time, offering same day service completion.

  • Heavy duty floor cleaning;
  • Followed by neutral floor cleaner;
  • Apply Tykote bonding agent to pull system together;
  • Top coat with StreetShoe finish in super matte, satin, semigloss, or gloss finish.

How To Maintain Your Wood Floors:

  • Use mats in entryways to collect dirt and rug runners in high traffic areas and wet locations
  • Use a vacuum or microfiber mop to pick up dirt and dust from your floor’s surface
  • Lightly damp mop wood floor with neutral floor cleaner every other week
  • Have your floors professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to protect your investment
  • Always remember to wipe up spills and scuffs right away to not induce damage to the floor surface
  • Most of all: DON’T USE ORANGE GLOW, SWIFFER, or MURPHY’S OIL SOAP; these products leave a film on the surface and leave a dull finish