Hard Water Removal & Glass Polishing

Sliding glass shower enclosures and full contemporary glass panels have become increasingly popular, replacing standard shower curtains because of their longevity and visual appeal.  Glass however is susceptible to persistent hard water deposits or water spots and unattractive stains which accumulate over time and can be difficult to remove without the rights tools and products.  Using the wrong products may create additional haze or even long-term scratches and other damage.

Tri-State Floor Service has developed a premium process that removes those stubborn spots and stains from glass.  Not only do we clean glass, but we can also provide a top-rated glass sealant which will help protect and limit additional stains and deposits in the future.  Our glass sealant is similar in its effect to Rain-X being applied to a vehicles windshield.

Our process allows for the removal of all hard water spots and we can also polish out small scratches that may be visible on the surface; leaving your glass shower enclosures looking new again!  Also, ask about our ceramic and porcelain tile, fixtures, and metal tracking hard water spot removal and small scratch polishing. Transform the look of your bathroom with our proven and safe process and help protect your investment for the future.

*Please note that for stone showers we will have to use the aid of polishing diamonds to revitalize the look of your marble, limestone or granite as these hard surfaces need a different process and type of care.  Visit each services page directly, or simply contact us to find out more!

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