Granite Countertop Maintenance

Granite is natural stone and porous.  If improperly cared for, you can ruin its natural beauty. We usually think of granite countertops as hard surfaces, but they are easily stain-able if left untreated. It could damage your granite countertop’s shine and finish; one of the best parts about why you love it so much. That’s why cleaning and sealing are the most important aspects to protect your investment.

Light granite countertops are more likely to stain versus dark granite. Still, both need proper and professional sealing to protect against staining and are highly recommend. We use only the highest professional grade sealers and cleaners currently on the market. These sealers are made specifically for commercial grade and are far superior over sealers from big box stores.

Granite Countertop Cleaning – Sealing Service

  • We deep clean your granite with a heavy duty stone cleaner
  • Followed by that, we use a neutral stone cleaner
  • Dry buff all countertop surfaces
  • Apply Professional grade sealer upon rejection to granite countertop and then remove excess impregnator sealer
  • Speed buff countertop to pop shine
  • Free quart of polish enhancer to keep your brilliant shine (this product leaves no film)
  • Free gallon of neutral cleaner to maintain daily cleaning

*Every 1-3 years granite countertops should be sealed depending upon usage and cleaning habits

Granite Countertop Care Tips

  • Neutral cleaner should be used for daily cleaning
  • Blot up all stains including: mustard, vinegar, soda, orange juice, peanut butter, and any acid base products
  • Wipe up water marks (use coasters if possible)

We also provide a granite stain removal service and scratch removal service if applicable.  Contact us today and schedule a free estimate for your granite counter top care; you won’t be disappointed!