Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet care service offers a very low moisture carpet cleaning method.  You may also rest assured that all of our carpet cleaning is completely kid and pet safe.  We use environmentally friendly cleaners applied to your carpets for the best care; while still being mindful of the environment.

Our system and approach is to release the soil, grease, dirt and stains within your carpet.  That soil is then extracted into pads which are driven by a Trinity oscillating machine.  This is the only machine in the oscillating industry that offers the best cleaning power.  It is proven by its patent-op cleaning which no one else has in the industry – Don’t be fooled by others making similar claims.  It gently scrubs away the dirt from your carpets leaving remarkable and lasting results.  With Tri-State Carpet Care, you can expect the best and forget the rest.

Getting the job done right the first time, our experienced staff will use as many pads as it requires to clean your carpet.  At the end, we will always vacuum your carpets; ensuring that we leave them soft and welcoming.  Not only will your carpets be deep cleaned, they will stay cleaner longer and be fully dry in just one hour.  Go ahead, get your carpets cleaned in the morning and entertain the same day with total confidence!  Give Tri-state Floor Service a call to schedule your carpet cleaning needs today.

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We do not shampoo, so carpets stay clean much longer. We do not use steam so the soil is not pushed deeper into carpets but is instead removed, leaving no musty smell. We do however get carpets cleaner than most of our competitors. Our cleaning approach is 100% safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It leaves no sticky residue to cause quick soiling, and the oscillating action of the pads on the carpet enables us to make once flat carpets stand up as they should. We service and clean hotels, offices, apartments, homes, churches, stores, health care facilities and restaurants.

Benefits of Our System

  • No-open doors, no hoses, and low moisture;
  • Dries in 30-90 minutes, Library quite ;
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning ;
  • No dry chemicals;

Our System Eliminates

  • Open doors-loss of ac/heating
  • Hose damage to floors, walls, furnishings
  • Loud noises, over wetting and long dry times
  • We also clean upholstery
    – chairs, sofas, fabric and carpet walls