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Tri-state Floor Service - High Quality Floor Care for over 10 Years

Granite Services

Tri State Floor Service offers granite services for your home or professional environment. Granite has exceptional beauty, but it must also be taken care of through proper maintenance, sealing, and repairing any issues that arise. 

Tile & Grout Services

The Tri-State Floor Service team are experts in tile and grout services. We offer the best approaches for tile and grout cleaning, polishing, color sealing, mold remediation, and all necessary repairs.  Reliable and affordable; we will

Marble Services

Our premiere marble services offer an affordable and professional approach to cleaning and maintaining their natural beauty.  Preservation, scratch removal, stain removal and other restorations are all part of our expertise that we

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Tri-State Floor Service has been a leader in high quality floor care for over 10 years. We offer only the best price and services for our clients. [More]

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